In iOS6, seeing what your appointments are like was at a glance easy. iOS 7 removes this and strips the readability over ‘style’.

iOS 6 Notification centre grouped calendar items in a list in iOS 6. In iOS 7, you have to scroll up and down just to get an overview of your day. This is a misuse of space. Apple seem to like nothing but wasting the screen with white space you have to scroll though. There seems to be a theme that iOS 7 is hard to read unless you scroll in every app. I’m scrolling so much in every app that i’ve worn away my gorilla glass. It gets worse

iOS 6 Calendar App had the MONTH you could look at with a PREVIEW at the bottom whilst still allowing you to see the month ahead…. AND it had coloured DOTS you which indicated which colour calendar was attached to each appointment.

iOS 7 removes all of this readability. ZERO information. Nothing but the date and an uncoloured dot. You can see the date from the fcking lock screen. Calendar app shows nothing more. Why did Apple remove this functionality? Also each DOT had a COLOR to represent each calendar. Again, something that has now vanished

There is ‘agenda view’ but unfortunately you can’t see the free days around that or do any planning. It’s just a list of items. That should go back into the notification centre as it was in  iOS 6. I’d like to have a month view and a pane below just like iOS6 rather than just a picture of the dates. I have wallpaper for that.

ios 7 is basically a picture
ios 7 is basically a picture

FIX? Bring back dots that are color coded to the calendar and the preview pane.  What is more useful. iOS 6 calendar or iOS 7? 


Send them this page here

iOS 7 Lots of scrolling
iOS 7 Lots of scrolling


iOS 6 Easy to read appointments

iOS 6 Easy to read appointments
iOS 6 dots and previews
iOS 6 dots and previews
ios 7 WTF is going on? What appointments do i have? When am i busy?
ios 7 WTF is going on? What appointments do i have? When am i busy?


Ok apple, take a look. In iOS See below.  I have a a volleyball game in june as of the preview pane. I ALSO have a vollyball game booked in my ios 7 calendar. WHICH DAY IS IT? If you can tell me at at a glance, i’ll give you a million zillion dollars. You can’t cant you?


It’s because iOS 7 is a downgrade in usability and godam stupid. Every single day is a dot so all you’ve given me is a picture of a calendar now with a dot underneath. What happened to your iOS6 design team? Bring back Scott. I don’t care if you didn’t like his shirts, he kicked out good software instead of this fisher price rubbish.

thingswrongwithios7.wordpress.com_ios6vsios7read my miind



  1. Well, this was beta one, the dots are now in place. I assume you’re sending all your feedback and big reports to apple via your developer account and not just ranting here. Love some of your points, others I disagree with. The clear design and bright colours are obviously to appeal to the Asian market. Design is subjective, some love, some hate.

    1. Thanks for the comment! Sure, it’s fine to disagree, that makes the world 😉
      I feel as thought the bright colours appeal are a way for apple to appeal to the young audience to get their parents to buy them a phone at age 10. Massive game sales and hardware to reach a younger audience and tap into them from a young age.

      I’ve sent all my feedback to apple, numerous bug reports which are all ignored or marked as duplicates… What a shame.

      1. I think you need to understand the design tastes of china and Japan to understand why these changes have been made. Most of the users in the west will quickly adapt and stop noticing it – it’s all about appealing to the new markets and this is what they want – even down to the rumoured brightly colour 5C and the ‘gold’ 5S…

        Just as ‘pros’ had to get used to the apple focussing on ‘toys’, now long time apple users are going to have to get used to ‘candy coloured rainbow apple’. As a lifelong user (well, since 1986) I’ve seen many changes, each met with the same negativity, all now accepted and protected as ‘the way things should be’…

  2. I found your blog by googling “calendar ios7″… I am livid at the change in not being able to see my month at a glance view anymore and just the days! I hope you can talk some sense into Apple on this!

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