Contacts need PICTURES instead of names

Too much text in iOS 7.

Why on earth did they not include pictures in the contacts app and only in favourites? I appreciate it is in favourites and glad but Apple didn’t take this the whole way. It’s a half job.

You KNOW who your favourites are and sometimes come across a random name in your contacts so a picture would be helpful information to see who they are.. iOS 7 has taken away those ‘at a glance’ features (such as calendar app and notification centre if you see posts below).

UPDATE: Plus the contacts are ROUND instead of square thus cutting out more of the picture. Again, baby like bubble writing and bubble icons. Bring back more of the picture! A typical example of ‘form over function’



2 thoughts on “Contacts need PICTURES instead of names

  1. This should be added as a feature via Accessibility! I would say that photos of contacts should be scalable too, up to say 2 cm in diameter, so that those who are partially sighted or unable to read can easily make calls to people – step up Apple, you need to make this functionality available in your next ios update!!!

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