living with ios 7 more things that piss me off

  • the ROUND contact pictures that chop off the image
  • the notification centre now has 3 tabs opposed to the one tab in ios 6. Less flicking around
  • the notification centre says stupid drugged up things like ‘ you have something on tomorrow’ – ios 6 use to tell you exactly what was upcoming, not ‘YOU HAVE A THING TOMORROW’
  • White frames everything instead of black.
  • My business colleagues ask me if my 7 year old has designed a theme for my phone
  • The pointless colours in game centre that look like the Sony Playstation logo
  • How Apple have fallen in line with android/windows design and does’t stand out anymore
  • the inconsistent design (keyboard different colours, battery icon, etc)
  • The feeling I can’t show my phone to my friends as it’s like a rainbow shit on my phone

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