Designer David Yun thinks IOS 7 is poo

It has a lot less to do with the design community and more to do with the constant drive to sell new products,” Yun explained. “That said, the intention of iOS 7 is completely valid. It’s the execution and the qualities of that execution that are in question. Here’s hoping for a closer look at those qualities in iOS 7.1!”

The problem is that while they successfully removed (most of) the skeuomorphic approach, they didn’t replace it with a design perspective that solidly situates it as Apple and not any of the other players. In doing so, they’ve degraded one of their best assets: having an interface which is uniquely, solely, unmistakably Apple. We’re left with an interface that’s Apple-ish but could easily be mistaken as Google-ish


Unless Apple finds a way to clearly define the iOS and reclaim their Apple-ness, it strikes me that there’s now an open playing field for other contenders to make a stronger interface design


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