7.1 and smaller contact pictures misuse of space and impacts visually impaired users

7.1 lands and we have roundness everywhere. See this post https://thingswrongwithios7.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/sick-of-ios-7-roundness-bring-back-a-square-look/

Now the caller screen has these stupid round cut of pictures that are TINY! I use to use those pictures for menus for take outs or to actually see someone. Now the picture is so tiny, it’s pointless looking at. I’m glancing who the hell is that… what a misuse of space again apple. So much white space and misuse of it.

This is is the rubbish we have now

Before we had beautiful big pictures.

What do you like more?


Apple really focused on the accessibility features of 7.1 but at the same time they screwed people that rely on big pictures to see who the are talking to

A forum member writes on the discussion board

Am visually impaired and having the large photo on caller ID was great I could see who was calling at a quick glance. Now I have to bring phone all the way up to face to see who is calling.

Nice job apple.

Send them this link via this page http://www.apple.com/feedback/


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