I’m just frustrated at how much more difficult it is to use iOS 7. They seem to have made it harder to use the iPhone and see information at a glance. Form over function.  No more can you look at your iPhone, you have to scroll around everywhere from now on and read essays of text instead of icons. Even if you do like the new design, it’s inconsistent with different coloured batter meters, keyboards etc. The best way to describe the design is fisher price for kids (the new apple marketshare). That and removing features allows Apple to sell more Apps. Profit profit profit. Steve would turn in his grave, even though the OS looks like a unicorn shat a rainbow into xcode.

Apple, if you change this stuff i’ve listed on the site, i’ll be happy. Return the preview pane in calendar, return the non-scrollable notification centre. Return icons.

If you feel the same, message them



5 thoughts on “About

  1. You are a serious douchebag. Don’t like iOS 7? Go get a new device, Instead of whining and complaining about software that’s been out for a week go and get a life and shop for a new device that DOES please you in design.

    1. The bigger douchebag is the one who accepts everything without a fight. When you’re ill, do you take meds? There isn’t a perfect OS out there…but there is an OS with people fighting to make it better. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I agree with you 100%. iOS 7 is hideous.
    But– your site has typos everywhere (“change this stuff i’ve listed”) and such marginal English that it’s highly doubtful that Apple will pay any attention.
    Some ideas:

    1. Let Apple know. They do actually pay attention.

    2. Use alternative apps. I use Week Calendar, it’s great. Get hunting NOW as many apps will be updating their look to the new Fisher Price UI.

    3. If you really hate an app get yourself an Apple developer account – $100 – and start working!!
    Seriously. Pick an ugly iOS 7 app and write one with a cool dark theme to replace it. I have no tech ability but am looking at doing just that.
    Apple has paid out $10b to devs – that ‘b’ for billion.
    Consider being part of the solution!!

    1. Great suggestions! There are plenty of apps and you’re right to start hunting now to find the right shoe that fits before the price hike,

      This site is just a bit on the side posting from a phone so excuse any typos! If there is anything major, post it in 🙂

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