Apple banns gold/red/green/yellow iPhone colours because they look like kids toys?

I already have moaned how Apple are targeting under 12’s with their dumbed down iOS 7 with removed features and bright sickly colours. Apple have  now updated their marketing material to say no hip hop video gold, Apple red, neon 1980s slimer green and lemon yellow iPhones allowed.





Designer David Yun thinks IOS 7 is poo

It has a lot less to do with the design community and more to do with the constant drive to sell new products,” Yun explained. “That said, the intention of iOS 7 is completely valid. It’s the execution and the qualities of that execution that are in question. Here’s hoping for a closer look at those qualities in iOS 7.1!”

The problem is that while they successfully removed (most of) the skeuomorphic approach, they didn’t replace it with a design perspective that solidly situates it as Apple and not any of the other players. In doing so, they’ve degraded one of their best assets: having an interface which is uniquely, solely, unmistakably Apple. We’re left with an interface that’s Apple-ish but could easily be mistaken as Google-ish


Unless Apple finds a way to clearly define the iOS and reclaim their Apple-ness, it strikes me that there’s now an open playing field for other contenders to make a stronger interface design

Alternatives to iOS 7 Calendar – Apps

Miss the iOS 6 calendar? Dismayed at the Apple crappy form over function in the new iOS 7 Calendar? Try these apps. They restore the ‘quick glance’ overview Ive took away in iOS 7. Some apps have a good week overview, some have the preview pane ala iOS 6 and a lot of apps don’t have the stupid scrolling up and down that iOS 7 has which makes it a pain in the ass to plan anything with the calendar app. Click the links below to get a closer look at these apps

Calendars 5 by Readdle

Agenda Calendar 4



Fantastical 2

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 13.31.02 Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 13.30.53




ios notification centre fuc**ng useless like a vague drugged up beach bum

iOS 6 shows you upcoming appointments

ios 7 gives you an essay and a god dam useless one

“Your day starts early, there are 2 events scheduled”

WELL BEND ME OVER AND STICK A CARROT IN MY TUNNEL i have TWO events? This is notification centre right? why can’t you tell me them like ios 6? Why do i have to read this wooly crap? I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THOSE EVENTS ARE! Don’t just tell me i have SOMETHING happening.  Literally, iOS 6 told you. it named the events AND you didn’t have to scroll

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 19.42.51


  • put something in your calendar
  • look at NC
  • try not to walk into a tree whilst reading the reams of text which says NOTHING INFORMATIVE. I know i have stuff on…TELL ME WHAT IT IS! as louis ck would say
  • cry

See this post for what i want NC to look like No more icons, just text to make things harder to read at a glance